Wasting time in organizing and accessing your resources?

The Best Search and Organizing Tool for Your Company.


Find what's relevant to you 

True enterprise-wide search to help your employees find information quickly and easily. 

Local hosting behind firewall

Local hosting available which keeps your confidential data more secure and private.

Super intelligent machine learning

Power of machine learning for your company's internal resources, documents and data.

Zero administration

No administration required, Sunserg does it all for you.

Anything, anywhere just a search away

100s of business tools can be searched and accessed from anywhere so you can work remotely.

Organise resources and documents easily

Sunserg powerful AI automatically organize your resources with zero manual work.

Do you know?

You waste 20% of the workweek into organizing and accessing your resources and documents.

Tools we support

and many more...

Maximize the productivity of you and your business by upto 50% 


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